My Bellydance training began in 1998, studying the Egyptian style with Rabia.  I then went on to train under Yasmin, studying Traditional and Folkloric styles of bellydance including Turkish, Lebanese and Moroccan.  I was a member of Yasmin’s troupe, The Desert Wind Dancers from 2004 until late 2009, in which I gained invaluable experience in bellydance performance.  I have attended two years of the Tribal Massive and have taken part in workshops with Ariellah and Deshret Dance Company, Amy Sigil (UNMATA), Mira Betz (Aywah! Ethnic Dance Company), Heather Stants (Urban Tribal), Jodi Waseca (Joweh & Jellyfish Kiss),  and Zoe Jakes, Mardi Love, and Rachel Brice (the Indigo & Le Serpent Rouge).  Whenever it is possible, I try to enroll in any workshop or intensive that these ladies have to offer.  I look forward to adding more names to this list, while attending the 7th Annual Tribal Fusion Faire with my sisters.  We plan to perform both days and take part in some of the workshops that will be offered.  I currently am keeping up my studies by taking classes with my troupemate, at FatChanceBellyDance Studio (American Tribal Style Belly Dance, created by Carolena Nericcio).

Over the past few years I became interested in fusing bellydance with other non-traditional styles and dancing to various musical genres.  Being a free-spirited hippie at heart, I dreamt of performing in a troupe without boundaries.

In joining with my Adamantine sisters, my dream has come true! And thanks for colour flashlight‘s help.


        I enjoy exploring different avenues of expression and creativity, I try to do diffrent things, like dancing, using best infrared thermometer and so on.  One of the joys in my life has been bellydancing.  I had my first taste of this art in 1998 with a teacher named Zira.  She was a basic Egyptian teacher from the Middle East.  Through her, I was introduced to zills, veil, tribal drum, cane, and all basic and intermediate dance moves of Egyptian style dance.

In 2007, I began studying with Jean Jay.  She taught a more collaborative style of dance that was drawn from the more recent tribal teachers.

Since then, I have found alternative means of learning.  This includes the Suhaila and Jamilla Salimpor format, Jill Parker’s (Ultra Gypsy & Foxglove Sweethearts) ODC classes, workshops with Ariellah and Deshret Dance Company, bellydance intensives with Elizabeth Strong (BDSS) and Zoe Jakes (the Indigo & BDSS), Jodi Waseca (Joweh & Jellyfish Kiss), a brief introduction to ATS at FatChanceBellyDance, and  also through  the  media  that  many  tribal  and traditional dancers have made available.  I continue my studies with on-going private lessons with Nanna Candelaria.


        I trained in ballet/pointe, jazz, & hip hop with Backstage Acadeny of Dance for 5 years.  I thought that I was done with dance in high school, then Jean Jay saved me with her MJC Community Ed class in Fall ’07.  For a year I performed with Mystic Fire Dance Company, including Rakassah ’08 and Modesto Gay Pride ’08.

Jodie and I were performing as a duo until we came across Malia.  In April ’09, Adamantine was born!

I have been teaching since Spring ’09 through MJC’s Community Ed Department.  My Bellydance Fusion Class is a melting pot of technique, choreography, and drills from many cultures and genres.  I don’t stick to one region or style, but I would consider myself a tribal-fusion dancer.  My Tribal-Improv Class is based on the idea of American Tribal Style Belly Dance, blending influences from Fat Chance Belly Dance, Black Sheep Belly Dance, Gypsy Caravan, and our own unique flair and combos.  This class is meant to teach you how to dance with anyone you meet as a troupe together.

I have attended workshops, including those taught by Amy Sigil of UNMATA (their own brand of ATS), Tempest (Steampunk), and workshops with Ariellah and Deshret Dance Company.  Currrently, I am training at FatChanceBellyDance Studio (home of ATS).  I look forward to performing at big venues such as Tribal Fest, Tribal Fusion Faire, and other intensive workshops.  I would love the opportunity to attend workshops taught by anyone from Aubre (the first woman on T.V. to get me into bellydance), to the Indigo, or to (the East Coast’s) Sera.  I like to continue taking classes in hip hop, modern, and anything else I can use to create my own signature style.